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How do people hate this show

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This is one of the reasons why I love Queen. They did so many different kinds of music that it’s very hard to define them. If you don’t believe me, listen to Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At the Opera, News of the World, or Jazz as great examples. Every song is so different, but somehow fits together. Queen is special because they explored their passion of music in so many different outlets.

Please, please, please don’t judge or pretend to know Queen by their singles. They’re great, of course, but this band has so much unrecognized substance behind them that it’s ridiculous.

Reblogging again for the above comment, it’s just perfect. Queen is such an amazing band that experimented with many different styles of music in their career. People who see them as a “singles” band really need to hear their albums in their entirety.

Same here. I fell in love with Queen for exactly the same reasons. I love bands that evolve as the members grow old, and do what they like regardless of critics. Bands that can write different kind of music remaining true to themselves. That’s why I also love bands like Metallica or X Japan. And I think people who don’t understand this, who think a band have to do always the same record, are really close-minded.

Let them have the singles and live in their closeminded word. If they can’t get it, on their own, they don’t deserve them.

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Freddie Mercury, 1974.
Photos by Michael Putland

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